PT360 is Now Offering Personalized Golf Assessments!

PT360 is excited to announce that we are now offering golf assessments with Sam Kridl our TPI certified physical therapist!

Our specially trained team can help you take your golf game to the next level utilizing the preferred golf pro TPI system. The TPI system identifies key physical limitations specific to the golf swing, either in range of motion, strength, or coordination. Based on our findings we can develop a plan to improve your yardage and accuracy. The TPI system allows us to work together with your golf pro and fitness professionals to coordinate a customized plan for you.

Standing on one leg with your eyes closed is very important for your golf swing. Balance requires muscle coordination and strength throughout the lower extremity and torso, proprioception (or our body’s awareness as to where it is in space), and good range of motion in the hips, knees, and spine. All of these things will play a role in how you shift your weight throughout the golf swing. If you cannot properly shift onto your trail leg during the backswing and then transfer your weight to the lead leg during the downswing you may develop some of the common swing faults. These include standing up during the swing, excessive sway and slide, and improper alignment of the spine.

As a TPI-Certified physical therapist, we can:

– Identify deficits that may be affecting your golf swing.

– Develop a customized plan that includes a home exercise program (strengthening and stretching), manual therapy techniques to decrease pain, and balance to improve coordination.

– Coordinate with your golf pro to improve all facets of your game.

Call today to schedule a golf evaluation with our TPI-Certified therapist, Dr. Sam Kridl, at (678)430-8170 or email him at [email protected] with any questions.

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