What is the PT360 difference?

PT360 is a “Fee For Service” provider which means that we collect all payments upfront and do not contract with insurance companies (except Medicare.)  This business model allows for a one-on-one 45-50 minute session with an experienced, licensed Physical Therapist only. Our physical therapists are able to provide a customized treatment plan to target each patient’s specific needs. Choosing our model offers superior value over most insurance based clinics who routinely treat 2-4 patients per hour.

At PT360, we get results quickly and with less time commitment resulting in a more efficient resolution of your problems. Out-of-pocket expenses over the course of your treatment will oftentimes be less expensive with our model than with traditional physical therapy. This is because the most common treatment plan recommended by our therapists is once a week and usually totaling less than 10 visits.  A typical referral for traditional PT is 3 times a week for 6 weeks. Our goals are always to expedite your recovery and return you to your desired lifestyle. Below is a chart outlining the major differences with our model and traditional insurance based PT.

We are able to provide Good Faith Estimates upon request.