Self Talus Ankle Mobilization

Ankle mobilizations can improve dorsiflexion.

Ankle injuries are commonplace in athletics. An ankle sprain can be mild where ice, elevation, and rest results in full recovery in 7-10, or severe where immobilization in a boot is necessary and lasting 6 weeks. In either case the talus bone may sublux forward (anteriorly) and prevent full dorsiflexion of the ankle. Loss of dorsiflexion can alter gait patterns and ultimate translated all the way up to your hips, back, and
SI joints.

Because most people let ankle injuries go untreated they may not realize that an old ankle sprain or chronic ankle sprains are causing their Lower back pain. Mobilization and self mobilization are effective ways to immediately improve the mobility of the talocrural joint and improve dorsiflexion. An evaluation by your Physical therapist will quick determine the mobility of this joint and treatment is quick and easy. Below is a simple self mobilization technique. Simply wrap a theraband around the front of your ankle and fix the other end to a stable surface. Mobilize the joint by bending the knee and ankle. You should feel pressure in the front of the ankle as you flex. Repeat 10 times 3 times a day.

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