Blood Flow Restriction Training (BFR)

PT360 is excited to announce the addition of blood flow restriction training to our clinic.

Blood Flow Restriction training (BFR) is a safe and effective training technique used to increase muscular size and strength using a FDA-approved tourniquet system. Weight training with BFR can recreate the stimulus of heavy resistance training except very low weight is used during the exercise. Growth in muscle tissue can occur in as little as two weeks.

Typical strength training requires high frequencies at loads between 70-80% of a one-rep maximum over 8-16 weeks. Our body responds to this training by sending out chemicals and hormones that are important for improving size and strength within the muscle. Research has shown that low intensity training with BFR reproduced similar hormonal changes as high intensity training without BFR. This training effect can increase signaling of several different pathways (lactate production, growth hormone, muscular recruitment, MTOR1, IGF production, down-regulation of myostatin, and acute muscular swelling), all leading to increased size and strength. By activating so many different mechanisms without the muscular damage of heavy training, we see significant improvements within a few training sessions.

BFR can be great for post-operative rehab to mitigate muscular atrophy and stimulate strength gains while still protecting sensitive tissues. BFR can also be used to address chronic weaknesses that has developed and may be limiting your ability to train past certain weights or pain. It can also be utilized to enhance athletic performance and power without adding significant stress to the training load.

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