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6 Reasons to Try Yoga in 2017

There are many components to maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Yoga is a great option for those who want a peaceful alternative to a noisy gym. Yoga allows you to relax your mind and improve your fitness at the same time. There are many health benefits of yoga that are often overlooked when choosing an exercise routine.

Increased flexibility

Flexibility is probably the most obvious benefit of practicing yoga.  Over time your muscles and joints will become more flexible, and you will notice that poses that at first seemed impossible are now much easier. Flexibility is important to maintaining correct posture, injury prevention, sports performance, and performance of everyday tasks. Tight muscles can lead to many different ailments which can, in turn, lead to injuries. As you become more flexible, you will notice that your pain decreases as flexibility increases.

Improved balance

Regularly practicing yoga can increase your balance on and off the mat. Increased balance leads to fewer injuries from falling, running, and any sport that involves agility. For those with poor balance, this means more independence and confidence when doing daily tasks. For the athlete, this means being more fluid and agile in your sport.

Weight reduction

Yoga can boost your energy level which helps increase your metabolism. Yoga also raises your heart rate and insulin activity. Thus helps your body burn calories efficiently as opposed to storing them as fat. When combined with healthy eating habits, yoga can contribute to healthy weight loss.

Better sleep 

The meditative properties of regular yoga practice have been shown to improve the quality of your sleep. Yoga decreases stress and relaxes the body and mind. Because of this, your mind is clear and prepared for a restful night of sleep. Feeling well-rested helps reduce stress and optimizes body function and metabolism.

Pain relief

According to several studies, yoga and/or meditation reduce pain in people suffering from a variety of physical ailments. With less pain you will have less brain fog, be in a better mood, and become more active.  In time you may be able to reduce or eliminate any pain medications.

Healthier living

When combined with other forms of exercise and healthy habits, yoga will help you become a better version of yourself.  You may even start feeling better after your first session.

Consider incorporating yoga into your lifestyle in the coming new year. The therapists at PT360 Sandy Springs and PT360 Johns Creek offer free consultations to help you determine if yoga would be a good fit for you. For more information contact us at [email protected].

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